The Play

The Mammal Problem

The Mammal Problem—a play in two acts

Two lovers are separated by time and space. He must live on without her. She must watch.

The Mammal Problem is 10 true stories covering a 20-year period of time, along with monologues and asides. All of it is told to live, original music, which is accompanied by interpretive dance and live-art painting to create the set as the play is performed.

The play is written and directed by Eric Valentine and is a production of True Story Project—a collaboration of artists: a composer (Wesley Steele), a classical musician (Kyla Davidson of the Boise Philharmonic), a singer-songwriter (Laio), a dancer (Arianna Christiansen), a jazz musician (Garrick Meacham), a percussionist (Anna Dunford Meacham), an actor-narrator (Lish Carroll), a live-art painter (Alex Vega) and a writer-storyteller (Valentine).